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  1. Rack design on Panorama Elite, II and III contained window demisters.
  2. The demisters were located on the edge of the rack within a laminate strip.
  3. This is the role of the demister.
  4. There were no rear demister fitted, although a Smiths unit was fitted by some dealers.
  5. Partial evaporation is achieved, and the vapour passes through a demister before reaching the condenser section.
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  7. When used to remove suspended water droplets from streams of air, it is often called a demister.
  8. Other options included a heater-demister unit, as well as a " Moparmatic " deluxe pushbutton transistor radio.
  9. Local radios, upholstery and two-speed heater / demisters were fitted-some Australian cars had local Frigidaire air conditioning.
  10. Demisters can reduce the residence time required to separate a given liquid droplet size by reducing the volume and associated cost of separator equipment.
  11. The " cleaned " gases are normally passed through a mist eliminator ( demister pads ) to remove water droplets from the gas stream.
  12. Dual air bags, anti-lock brakes, rear side window demisters, headlamp washers, fog lights and daytime running lights are standard equipment.
  13. Stainless steel wheel trims replaced chrome-plated ones in April 1963, and an improved rear window demister was introduced in November of the same year.
  14. All side windows were double-glazed and the rear window had an electric demister, while the sunroof in the rear enclosure was made from toughened glass.
  15. The company developed and marketed a device called DEMISTER, a device made of knitted wire mesh pads used in the chemical and petroleum industries to improve the performance of process vessels.
  16. Standard equipment in the luxury Fairmont models included bucket seats, front disc brakes, a heater / demister, a wood-grain dash, carpet and courtesy lamps in all four doors.
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