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  1. The cabinet continues to serve as " demissionary ".
  2. A demissionary cabinet continues the current government after a cabinet has ended.
  3. With the election, Betrian became prime minister in a demissionary capacity.
  4. By constitutional convention, a demissionary cabinet has fewer powers than a conventional cabinet.
  5. In both cases the Balkenende IV did not become Balkenende V when becoming demissionary ).
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  7. A demissionary cabinet would not have been able to tackle these issues but a minority government still could.
  8. On 30 November 2006, the new parliament was sworn in, including several members of the then demissionary cabinet.
  9. He led a demissionary cabinet until 7 June 2013, when a new cabinet under the leadership of Ivar Asjes was sworn in.
  10. A demissionary cabinet is not a minority government but a form of caretaker government, enjoying only limited powers until the new Parliament assembles.
  11. The main aim of a demissionary cabinet is to organise elections and take care of ongoing business until the new cabinet comes into power.
  12. The cabinet remained in place as a demissionary cabinet, without Bomhoff and Heinsbroek, until the elections and formation of the second Balkenende cabinet.
  13. The Second Kok cabinet remained in place as a Demissionary cabinet until 22 July 2002, when it was replaced by the First Balkenende cabinet.
  14. This meant that Nelson Oduber, the demissionary Prime Minister of Aruba, had lost control of the Estates for the first time in eight years.
  15. He expressed his preference for a minority government, a so-called " demissionary cabinet ( without authority for new policies ), and elections as soon as possible.
  16. Immediately, also the other ministers resigned, and the cabinet continued for five weeks as a demissionary cabinet until the ministries were redistributed and the Second Gerbrandy cabinet was installed.
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