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  1. Boston tendered his demission to the presbytery on 7 December 1757.
  2. The failure of the coalition led to his public and televised demission.
  3. In 1885, he would ask for his demission of the Major post.
  4. Upon Bismarck's demission in 1890, the party members lost their common adversary.
  5. The 11 January 2001, the Pope Jean-Paul II accepted his demission and named 蓃ic Aumonier to succeed him.
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  7. Oettinger was also criticized by opposition politicians and the Central Council of Jews; some of his critics even called for his demission.
  8. One of the direct consequences of his abrupt disappearance from the market was the demission of 謟al from his post in the cabinet.
  9. In the first cabinet of Willy Brandt, Schiller was Federal Minister of Finance from 1971 to 1972 after the demission of Alex M鰈ler.
  10. Then in 1994 he served as caretaker coach after Vicente Cantatore demission, having a prior experience at Deportes La Serena two years ago.
  11. Konoe justified his demission to his secretary Kenji Tomita . " Of course His Imperial Majesty is a pacifist and he wished to avoid war.
  12. During the championship internal criticism arose against IHF . The secretary general of the IHF, Peter M黨lematter, criticized Moustafa and asked for his demission.
  13. He was re-appointed to the same ministry in H黶eyin Hilmi Pasha's cabinet in 1909 but gave his demission because of the 31 March Incident.
  14. Schmidt played a vital role in the preceding demission of Chief of Staff Alfred Jansa, nevertheless he did not join the Nazi government of Arthur Seyss-Inquart, whereafter he retired from politics.
  15. In 1836 he retired to cultivate the manor estate of his uncle at Weikersdorf Castle in Franz von Pillersdorf, and, after Pillersdorf's demission in July, acting minister-president and minister of the interior.
  16. On 30 May 1758 the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland accepted his demission, and in doing so declared him henceforth incapable of receiving a presentation; and prohibited all ministers from employing him in any office.
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