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  1. The latest campaign will be done in two stages, the first lasting between three and seven days, Demissie said.
  2. Birkey was later recruited to Warner Pacific College playing under Ethiopian coach Abraham Demissie and Dr . Brian W . Bergemann.
  3. Junaid and fellow Adugna dancer, Addisu Demissie, also played key roles in Dance United s DESTINO at Sadler s Wells in 2009.
  4. Demissie said 35 million doses of polio vaccine stored in 300, 000 ice packs and 129 refrigerators were already prepared to be used in the campaign.
  5. Near the end Moroccan debutante Jaouad Gharib looked to be closing in on the leaders, but fell back into sixth behind another Kenyan, Fred Kiprop, and Ethiopian Ashebir Demissie.
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  7. The 2013 edition was held on 23 February and Julius Maisei ( 2 : 14 : 18 ) and Misiker Demissie ( 2 : 30 : 49 ) won the elite races.
  8. At the 2012 Hong Kong Marathon she was runner-up to Misiker Demissie, crossing the line in a time of 2 : 31 : 44 hours in spite of a toe injury.
  9. It was also in that decade that the organization and the movement lost many prominent figures such as Muhee Abdo, Saartu Yousef, Kebede Demissie, Baro Tumsa, Juuki Barentoo and hundreds more.
  10. Oskouei has attended various international film festival studies programs including Nick broomfield, Kim Longinotto, Viktor Kossakovsky, Wim Wenders, Anthony Minghella, Yemane Demissie, Manuela Migoshco, Leonard Retel Helmrich and Walter Murch.
  11. The course records were both set in 2012 by Ethiopians : Dejere Abera has the men's record of 2 : 11 : 27 hours while Misiker Demissie holds the women's record of 2 : 30 : 12 hours.
  12. More than 50, 000 health workers and volunteers will take part in the nationwide house-to-house vaccination campaign that will begin Friday and target children under 5-years-old, said Deputy Health Minister Dr . Demissie Tadesse.
  13. Ethiopians set new course records for both men's and women's races : Dejere Abera for the men's record with 2 : 11 : 27 hours and Misiker Demissie for the women's record with 2 : 30 : 12 hours.
  14. With an eclectic eye, Gallagher has chosen films that range from the experimental ( Yemane Demissie's " Tumult " ) to ones that he expects to be highly commercial ( " Fakin'Da Funk, " a first feature by Tim Chey, a " House Party "-style comedy starring Pam Grier, Nell Carter and Margaret Cho ).

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