demising in a sentence

"demising" in Chinese  
  1. Alfredsson's demise began and ended at the seventh hole.
  2. You should quit whining about the demise of our national pastime.
  3. But it has shown that reports of its demise are premature.
  4. As main man, he'd have overseen its demise.
  5. The cancer center's demise reflects more than financial woes.
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  7. Recently, the rumors of his imminent political demise have increased.
  8. I think that ended with the demise of the Soviet Union.
  9. He was not shocked by their demise this year, though.
  10. But in the end, its microscopic ratings spelled its demise.
  11. Perhaps it is global competition or the demise of powerful unions.
  12. But it was odd to hear him explain his own demise.
  13. But he did not predict The Post's demise outright.
  14. And so, their excavation is the beginning of their demise.
  15. Are you aware he met his demise in Czechoslovakia in 1942?
  16. Johnson said, recalling his demise under general manager Frank Cashen.
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