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  1. Ironically its demises came at the hands of a resurrected Persian Empire.
  2. Death on the baseball field is one of the rarest of athletic demises.
  3. There's another reason for swift demises.
  4. Bishop Walker said when asked about the possible demises of the church and the arts center.
  5. Ed and Eddy prank Edd into believing that they have sunk to their demises in quicksand.
  6. It's difficult to find demises in a sentence.
  7. The reality, of course, is that none of the above had anything to do with their playoff demises.
  8. One ritual practiced by these cultists is the meticulous re-creation of their heroes'death-car demises.
  9. Will Theglobe . com and EarthWeb _ Internet juggernauts that they are _ suffer demises similar to the erstwhile Cabbage Patch dolls?
  10. After a lengthy conflict-and several apparent demises-Ch'rell was captured and banished to the ice asteroid Mor Gal Tal.
  11. Regulators are investigating the demises of both companies, and Prime Minister John Howard is appointing a special government panel to examine the HIH failure.
  12. I expect that many em-bare-ass-ing demises are covered up . Edison 04 : 57, 13 October 2006 ( UTC)
  13. I mean, we didn't precipitate the demises of Buddy Ryan and Paul Westphal, but 24-hour sports stations can affect the process.
  14. However, he read further, and saw that Lasorda mentioned the demises of Don Drysdale and John McSherry, both of whom died of heart attacks.
  15. He reveals that the drowned notables in the film clips at the Records Office are all the same person whose multiple demises had ended several significant careers.
  16. "But I did realize in making this record that I've had a pretty distinct role in most of the demises of most of my relationships.
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