demise of the crown act 1901 in a sentence

  1. Similarly the common law doctrine that all offices held under the Crown determined [ were terminated ? ] at its demise has been reversed by the Demise of the Crown Act 1901.
  2. The Demise of the Crown Act 1901 in the UK, and similar legislation in other Commonwealth realms, now makes this process unnecessary  they are all employees of the Crown, rather than any particular Sovereign.
  3. In a meeting of the Special Joint Committee on the Constitution during the process of Minister of Justice Jean Chr閠ien about the " selective omissions " of the Succession to the Throne Act 1937, the Demise of the Crown Act 1901, the Seals Act, the Governor General's Act, and the Royal Style and Titles Act, 1953, from the schedule to the Constitution Act, 1982.
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