demis nikolaidis in a sentence

  1. Macedo that Greek international Demis Nikolaidis buried in the 22nd minute.
  2. Marcello opened the scoring in the 17th off a pass from Demis Nikolaidis.
  3. Demis Nikolaidis, Dimitris Nalitzis and Vassilis Borbokis netted the other three goals.
  4. The others include Argentine midfielder Diego Simeone, and Greek striker Demis Nikolaidis.
  5. Greece striker Demis Nikolaidis came on at halftime and made an immediate impact.
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  7. Daniel Batista scored one goal and Demis Nikolaidis added another as Greece beat Slovenia.
  8. AEK took an early lead with a first minute goal by striker Demis Nikolaidis.
  9. Demis Nikolaidis made it 2-1 one minute after Sheringham's goal.
  10. Demis Nikolaidis and Costas Katsouranis scored for AEK while Stelios Yiannacopoulos struck for Olympiakos.
  11. Demis Nikolaidis ), Vassilis Tsartas ( 68.
  12. Demis Nikolaidis got Atletico's lone goal.
  13. In the 74th, Giorgos Koutoulas floored striker Demis Nikolaidis in AEK's area.
  14. The Greeks had taken the lead on Demis Nikolaidis'goal in the sixth minute.
  15. He gave AEK the lead in the third minute off a pass from Demis Nikolaidis.
  16. Demis Nikolaidis lobbed the ball over the crossbar with keeper Costas Halkias out of position.
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