demerger in a sentence

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  1. "We're looking for news of the demerger.
  2. Under what is being called a " demerger,"
  3. AMP shareholders will vote on the demerger plan late this year.
  4. The Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting in December 2004 approved the Demerger Plan.
  5. By separating textile and media, the demerger will change this image.
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  7. ICI moved out after the demerger of AstraZeneca in 1992.
  8. The demerger " unleashed " Axiata Group to grow further across Asia.
  9. The major focus is more on the demerger plans,
  10. The ICI-Zeneca demerger has provided a blueprint for releasing that value.
  11. A settlement would certainly make a demerger more likely,
  12. Smith said the demerger of Waterstone's will take place next spring.
  13. The gradual recovery will likely to tag along closely with its demerger plan.
  14. Its planned demerger is a watershed in this restructuring.
  15. The demerger process also resulted in the restructuring of the existing agglomeration body.
  16. Immediately following the demerger, Williams Holdings launched a takeover bid for Racal.
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