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  1. "Maybe that's the thing that kills us the most " in delivery tests.
  2. He said the post office does " really well " in its own delivery tests.
  3. Following ship's commissioning, " Barry " underwent Post Delivery Test and Trials ( PDT & T ).
  4. General Motors on Wednesday became the first American automaker approved to sell a car without putting the vehicle through expensive pre-delivery tests in Japan.
  5. The first time in 2001 whilst on a on pre-delivery test it was nearly sunk after a crash with a fast ferry servicing the Hong Kong-Guangzhou route.
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  7. The passenger service ran a semi-scheduled service until the first Tu-144D experienced an in-flight failure during a pre-delivery test flight, crash-landing on 23 May 1978 with two crew fatalities.
  8. The Tu-144 " S " had a significantly shorter range than Concorde, due to its 1973 Paris Air Show, and another during a pre-delivery test flight in May 1978.
  9. Shakedown now comprises the general power-on trials, followed by one or more pre-delivery test flights carried out by the aircraft builder's personnel, and generally culminating in a final acceptance test also involving the purchaser's own flight crew and engineering personnel.
  10. "Montford Point " began a series of Post-Delivery Tests and Trials ( PDT & T ) events beginning in April 2014 that took place over several months, which included an Initial Operational Test and Evaluation ( IOT & E ) end-to-end event to determine operational effectiveness and the week-long Pacific Horizon 2015 humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise.
  11. *1944  Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer, BuNo 59544, on pre-delivery test flight by company crew out of Lindbergh Field, San Diego, California, takes off at 1223 hrs ., loses port outer wing on climb-out, crashes one quarter mile further on in ravine in undeveloped area of Loma Portal near the Navy Training Center, less than two miles ( 3 km ) from point of lift-off.

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