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  1. Dedee goes into labor and Bill accompanies her into the delivery room.
  2. "There is a real problem with delivery room availability, " she says.
  3. Many women find their partners'presence in the delivery room to be comforting.
  4. The sister kept the camera on in the delivery room, Mithoff said.
  5. So now, they wait like expectant parents in a hospital delivery room.
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  7. "It's the delivery room of rock, you know, " Knox Phillips concluded.
  8. Stacey was in the delivery room when both Vibber children were born.
  9. Elsewhere, some delivery room staffs around the country are also bracing themselves.
  10. There was a parade of people walking out of the delivery room,
  11. The notes of a delivery room nurse reflect Mrs . Njoku's despair.
  12. Instead, they jumped from one delivery room and cliche to the next.
  13. Even the delivery room looks more like a hotel than a hospital.
  14. But I was in the delivery room when my wife gave birth.
  15. Yet courts have sometimes allowed discrimination against male workers in hospital delivery rooms.
  16. The change from delivery room to locker room has been difficult.
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