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  1. Transport providers then bid on the delivery requirements, in a unique reverse auction environment.
  2. The channel dictates the order size, delivery requirements, packaging, shipment method and rules for handling shortages.
  3. This capacity is released to meet the Colorado River Compact's delivery requirements during periods of low flow in the system.
  4. It is an open source audio format that maintains the simplicity of monaural sound when motion picture delivery requirements include Dolby Digital noise reduction.
  5. Once the player has constructed an assembly line that successfully meets the delivery requirements, they can to move on to the next puzzle.
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  7. Mono SR is an open source audio format that maintains the simplicity of monaural sound when motion picture delivery requirements include Dolby Digital noise reduction.
  8. To ensure adequate capacity for responding to delivery requirements during the period, he said KCT would made available on call more than 10 straddle carriers with higher capacity machine power.
  9. In another matter, Arbor promised to sue if the Commodity Futures Trading Commission rejects a CBOT proposal for the exchange to overhaul the delivery requirements for its corn and soybean contracts.
  10. Good said that Restore Hetch Hetchy engineers are trying to figure out ways to re-plumb the system so that it can meet its water delivery requirements without O'Shaughnessy Dam.
  11. And FPI does have a waiver system in place, allowing federal agencies to request a waiver to purchase products from private companies if FPI cannot meet the production specifications or delivery requirements.
  12. This led to an inability of the upper basin states to meet the minimum delivery requirements to the lower states in dry years, and a loss of significant surpluses in wet years.
  13. Until shuttle flights resume, the Russians assume responsibility for the station's cargo and crew delivery requirements, but they have already warned the United States that financial problems could ground their capsules.
  14. There is no standard for transport of elementary streams over a channel, because the broad range of MPEG-4 applications have delivery requirements that are too wide to easily characterize with a single solution.
  15. The delay has kept some traders from the futures market until the new delivery requirements are determined, said CBOT President and Chief Executive Thomas Donovan in a letter today to the CFTC that was released to the news media.
  16. AITC is both a Senior School and a Registered Training Organization ( RTO ) and as such has an Australian Qualifications Framework ( AQF ) qualification and meets the training delivery requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework ( AQTF ).
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