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  1. Of course, preventing any feedback to spammers ( such as non-delivery reports, SMTP level errors or web bugs ) defeats an active attack trivially.
  2. They may want to forgo mail facilities such as mailing lists and non delivery reports, which can happen to remain unsigned, in exchange for a cut in abuse.
  3. RFC 5321, as well as RFC 2821, states that "'non-delivery reports "'( backscatter, although some people mistakenly think it should.
  4. Some providers allow users to request delivery reports, either via the SMS settings of most modern phones, or by prefixing each message with * 0 # or * N #.
  5. In the 1994 version, P7 was enhanced to provide folders in the message store, allow storage of submitted messages, and provide many automatic actions such as auto-foldering and correlation of replies, delivery reports and receipt notifications with submitted messages.
  6. It's difficult to find delivery report in a sentence.
  7. :: : There were a lot of reasons why the original iPhone was ( IMHO ) an overpriced POS . No 3G support, 2 year contract without any apparent subsidies of the phone, simlock, iTunes, difficult to replace battery, no support for Flash or Java, no support for Stereo bluetooh headsets, no support for MMS, copy / cut / paste, no support for delivery reports, no original support for multiple recipient SMS, no support for video recording, very late release of the SDK ( ao that 3rd party apps could be developed particularly given the lack of Java support ) combined with a propriety API for writing software, the need to pay an additional fee to use music you purchased as a ringtone, no support for standard file transfer protocols, no support for laptop tethering . . . . . . I got all of these from the iPhone article more or less.

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