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  1. Boeing's peacetime delivery record before the merger was 446 planes in 1992.
  2. Boeing's previous commercial delivery record before the merger was 446 planes in 1992.
  3. The company shipped 14 planes on Tuesday to tie a single-day delivery record.
  4. The previous monthly delivery record at Boeing Field was 38 jets, set this past June.
  5. It also said that the Indonesian plant in Bandung had the worst quality and delivery records of all its plants here.
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  7. They point to a 92 percent on-time delivery record for May through September, a full percentage point higher than the same-period last year.
  8. The delivery record, determined by an independent audit, was the highest ever reached and was 4 percentage points better than a year ago.
  9. On August 9, 1962, the MWD set an all-time delivery record of 1, 316, 000, 000 gallons of water in just a 24-hour period.
  10. A 15-year driver for UPS, Mapfumo said that despite his impressive delivery record he was not allowed to transfer to a route in a safer area.
  11. The post office delivered better than nine out of 10 local first-class letters the next day last summer, its best overnight-delivery record ever, the postmaster general said Thursday.
  12. ""'Irish Times " "'is the third studio album by the Irish folk band Patrick Street, released in 1990 on Green Linnet and Special Delivery Records, a division of Topic Records.
  13. The former Hughes Arm facility in Tucson, Arizona, has had a perfect delivery record lately, said the Air Force's Lee Anderson, chief of Amraam production at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.
  14. He saw no significance in the fact that the incidents occurred within a short period of time " other than the fact that it reduces very slightly our spectacular on-time delivery record ."
  15. West European postal authorities said Monday their on-time delivery record of international letters was peerless in the first half of 2001, with 93.1 percent of air mail letters arriving within three days of posting.
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