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  1. A delivery receipt does not always mean the correct item was received.
  2. A fourth Brown copy acts as the Delivery Receipt, or proof of delivery.
  3. All iMessages are encrypted and can be tracked using delivery receipts.
  4. Then Tab to General and check the boxes for Delivery Receipt and / or Read Receipt.
  5. Lag hurried back to Love Someone Down with the excuse that Niche's delivery receipt had not been signed.
  6. It's difficult to find delivery receipt in a sentence.
  7. :: : Some email systems also have a delivery receipt that says that the email arrived, but not yet read.
  8. CARE guaranteed delivery within four months to anyone in Europe, even if they had left their last known address, and returned a signed delivery receipt to the sender.
  9. If there is evidence of loss or damage, the consignee should note it on the delivery receipt; this will be used as evidence to back up the claim.
  10. In the 1990 graphic novel Batman 3-D, the story " Ego Trip " by John Byrne uses the word as a plot device, where it appears on a delivery receipt.
  11. If the consignee signs off on the delivery receipt and discovers a claim later, then the burden of proof falls to the shipper or consignee to prove that the damage was in fact caused by the carrier as opposed to the shipper or consignee.
  12. "With the new interactive devices, not only do you guarantee that the call gets to the driver, but you know when he gets it, because you get a delivery receipt . " said Jeffrey Thorson, president of Paragon Systems, maker of a two-way communication system.
  13. SMS Home Routing was standardized by the 3GPP in two forms; Non-Transparent Home Routing supporting all types of advanced SMS services and, in response to lobbying from bulk SMS service providers, Transparent Home Routing supporting a limited sub-set of advanced SMS services and the issuance of delivery receipts.
  14. While SMPP 3.3 states that Message ID is a C-Octet String ( Hex ) of up to 8 characters ( plus terminating'\ 0'), the SMPP 3.4 states that the id field in the Delivery Receipt Format is a C-Octet String ( Decimal ) of up to 10 characters.
  15. The only way how to pass delivery receipts in SMPP 3.3 is to put information in a text form to the short _ message field; however, the format of the text is described in Appendix B of SMPP 3.4, although SMPP 3.4 may ( and should ) use receipted _ message _ id and message _ state for the purpose.

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