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  1. It should be noted that the delivery rates cited above are largely academic.
  2. Although delivery rates began to improve, quality became a serious problem.
  3. It was the first increase in home delivery rates since 1996.
  4. The delivery rates are as low as 1.5 per cent of the total trades.
  5. Boeing's delivery rate was sharply higher than the 220 aircraft it delivered in 1996.
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  7. Jacobs said he is also encouraged that Boeing's delivery rate may be flat in 2001.
  8. Low pressure indicates that leakage from the bearings is higher than the pump s delivery rate.
  9. The delivery rates are as low as 1 . 5 per cent of the total trades.
  10. Temperature control of both the gas and water, as well as level control, affect delivery rate.
  11. By working the two containers alternately, the delivery rate to the header tank could be increased.
  12. Using an osmotic pump to deliver drugs has additional inherent advantages regarding control over drug delivery rates.
  13. San Juan ranked dead last in a 1995 quarterly survey, with a 74 percent on-time delivery rate.
  14. It has not stopped us altogether, but it has stopped us achieving the delivery rates we wanted.
  15. San Juan, Puerto Rico, was near the bottom of the list, with an 81 percent on-time delivery rate.
  16. Delivery rates were 3h for newspapers and postcards, 5h for letters, and 12h for registered and express mail.
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