delivery process in a sentence

"delivery process" in Chinese  
  1. The survey measures satisfaction during the sales and delivery process.
  2. Controlling the service delivery process is more than a simple management issue.
  3. This consists of all the activities within the delivery process.
  4. The delivery process won't begin until the end of the month.
  5. The lack of supplies could complicate the delivery process when futures contracts are settled.
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  7. In most years, this gradual delivery process matches well with ongoing vaccination campaigns.
  8. The service encounter is defined as all activities involved in the service delivery process.
  9. The repatriated printing facilities are believed to offer a more responsive passport delivery process.
  10. The delivery process poses problems, too.
  11. Friday is first notice day for January soybeans, the start of the delivery process.
  12. HMOs participate in the delivery process,
  13. This phase is the delivery process.
  14. He only gave short notice, which meant many weapons were lost in the delivery process.
  15. Railroads routinely have agreements in which they exchange cars with other carriers and continue the delivery process.
  16. "It's an amazingly complex service-delivery process, " he said.
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