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  1. "delivery procedures " and " longevity ."
  2. The SMSC delivers the text using the normal Mobile Terminated delivery procedure.
  3. The doctor only discovered Dominick as he prepared for a post-delivery procedure.
  4. In other terms, the financing and delivery procedures have been identical for more than thirty years.
  5. He is remembered for introducing an assisted breech delivery procedure known as the " Wigand maneuver ".
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  7. The LAPES delivery procedure begins by slowing to approach speed, lowering the ramp, and opening the cargo door.
  8. The company, in turn, said that it changed a number of its delivery procedures and its Web site to comply.
  9. Upon delivery a Duangong shaman is invited to help the delivery procedure and strangers are not allowed to wail or enter the house afterwards.
  10. While in the military, Smith carefully observed the procurement and delivery procedures, fine-tuning his dream for an overnight delivery service.
  11. However the term may also apply to unintended iatrogenic leakage of fluids from phlebotomy or intravenous drug delivery procedures, a process also known as extravasation or " tissuing ".
  12. U . S . companies fear that the rules will slow shipments and disrupt their just-in-time delivery procedures, forcing them to keep bigger inventories on hand at more expense.
  13. The problem is that abortions in general and the partial-delivery procedure in particular have become no less than a cultural battleground between the liberal value of permissiveness and the conservative value of shame.
  14. Preparing for the historic births involved a host of medical personnel who practiced the delivery procedures in the weeks leading up to the woman's spontaneous labor at 8 p . m . Thursday night.
  15. Area navigation ( RNAV ) STAR / FMSP procedures for arrivals serve the same purpose but are used only by aircraft equipped with FMS or GPS . The purpose of both is to simplify clearance delivery procedures and facilitate transition between en route and instrument approach procedures.
  16. Opponents of the partial-delivery procedure call it " partial-birth abortion, " a term that's meant to inspire outrage about this technique for killing fetuses and not to undercut their thesis that life begins at conception and therefore is never partial.
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