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  1. The Times has been raising newsstand and home-delivery prices for several years.
  2. That competition drove down delivery prices by 1.4 percent in 1996.
  3. Delivery prices to Bangkok are expected to decline by Bt10 per 100-kilogramme sack.
  4. That competition drove down delivery prices by 1 . 4 percent in 1996.
  5. The circulation declines came after The Times raised its newsstand and home-delivery prices.
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  7. The company also increased home delivery prices for The Boston Globe late last year.
  8. It is also relatively stable in circulation, despite some sharp newsstand and home-delivery price increases.
  9. Home delivery prices were last increased in 1996.
  10. This year delivery prices for non-state periodicals have increased ( state-controlled outlets are not affected ).
  11. It raised home delivery prices in January.
  12. Even then, government delivery prices remained so low that state foodstuff monopolies received only the absolute minimum supply.
  13. The Star Tribune, with a daily circulation of 389, 865, has raised home-delivery prices 32 percent over three years.
  14. Generally delivered means dumped in a pile in your yard, though some companies include stacking in the delivery price.
  15. Oil prices were little changed Tuesday in New York, where the November delivery price fell 7 cents, to $ 31.50 a barrel.
  16. But commodity funds supported the market with buying that boosted May delivery prices as high as dlrs 3.49 a bushel in intraday trading.
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