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  1. Despite high product demand, no delivery pressure is exerted on manufacture.
  2. In practice a delivery pressure of about 20 bar is commonly used.
  3. Delivery pressure significantly drops with large stalling which can lead to flow reversal.
  4. It also results in drop in stage efficiency of the compressor and its delivery pressure.
  5. Compressors used to fill scuba cylinders have a high delivery pressure and may have a low delivery volume.
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  7. The spray valves open or close as the fuel flow changes, holding a constant fuel delivery pressure.
  8. In order to address declining reservoir pressures, gas compression facilities are being installed at the field to maintain sales gas supply at contractual delivery pressures.
  9. Performance of a compressor is usually specified by curves of delivery pressure against mass flow rate for various fixed values of rotational speed and inlet temperature.
  10. This increased pressure ( p _ B ) is then matched by the increased delivery pressure ( at B ) which is developed by the compressor.
  11. If the flow rate is further reduced these cells grow larger and it affects the whole blade height and this causes significant drop in the delivery pressure and at very low flow rate, flow reversal takes place which is known as surge.
  12. Measurement of flow rate can be a substitute for analysis of the mixed gas, but is generally less accurate in predicting the delivered mixture due to variations in temperature and gas delivery efficiency of the compressor, which may vary as the delivery pressure changes.
  13. Efficiency of the booster is related to the compression ratio, and gas will only be transferred while the pressure ratio between supply and discharge gas is less than the boost ratio, and delivery rate will drop as the inlet to delivery pressure ratio increases.
  14. Now further reducing the flow ( to { \ dot { m } } _ C and { \ dot { m } } _ S ), the increased pressures in the delivery pipe are again matched by the compressor delivery pressures at C and S on the characteristic curve.
  15. On the characteristic curve at the flow rates below AS provides lower pressure as seen in the fig . at D and E . But now the pipe pressures due to further reduction of flow by valve ( let at point D ) will be higher than the pressure at D and E . This unbalance between the pipe pressure and the compressor delivery pressure only exist for a very short time.
  16. Pumping engines of this vintage used a vertical pump rod, with a bucket pump at the bottom of the shaft . This could lift water from an appreciable depth, developed for the needs of Cornish tin mining, but they had only low delivery pressure at the top of the shaft . The engine was thus placed near to where the water was to be delivered, rather than its source.

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