delivery positions in a sentence

  1. At AirVenture 2011 the company indicated that they had sold 40 delivery positions.
  2. But many times, young people who are covered in one job subsequently take a delivery position and fail to tell their insurance companies.
  3. The 160 customers who had placed orders for the PiperJet retained their delivery positions with the new aircraft and at the same $ 2.2 million price.
  4. But airlines also understand that if they want to lock in an early delivery position for the 7E7, they need to order the plane sooner rather than later.
  5. All of those jobs are entry-level cashier or shipping and delivery positions paying $ 5.15 an hour, said Bolivar Garcia, an employee service liaison for Duane Reade.
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  7. Industry sources say at least one U . S . airline is among the two dozen airlines that Boeing has said have accepted proposals for 7E7s and placed security deposits to hold a delivery position.
  8. By October 1969, there were delivery positions reserved for 122 Boeing SSTs by 26 airlines, including Alitalia, Canadian Pacific Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Iberia, KLM, Northwest Airlines, and World Airways.
  9. Besides the initial orders and options for 230 aircraft, Delta also agreed to so-called rolling options _ which are delivery positions that replace options as they are exercised or expire _ for up to 414 aircraft.
  10. US Airways also said that GE's aircraft leasing arm agreed to provide the airline with nine delivery positions on Airbus planes, with two A319s and three A320s arriving in 1999 and four A319s coming in 2000.

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