delivery policy in a sentence

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  1. He got his name from his " five minutes or less " delivery policy.
  2. Drive-through delivery policies are more than a heartless way . . . to cut costs,
  3. Webvan has a better delivery policy.
  4. Of the two services, Webvan offers greater coverage of the Bay Area, a more convenient delivery policy and, most importantly, lower prices.
  5. The Kyiv Post began selling corporate print subscriptions for delivery in 2011 as it seeks to replace its free delivery policy with paid subscriptions.
  6. It's difficult to find delivery policy in a sentence.
  7. A spokeswoman for the exchange said that she could not comment on the exchange's lunch delivery policy because " it is a security issue ."
  8. The world's largest coffee producers blame a switch to a ` just-in-time'delivery policy by the world's major coffee roasters and traders for last week's surge in coffee prices to 20-year highs.
  9. Major plans have been made to build the planned metro area through implementing and enforcing infrastructural development and service delivery policies geared to improving the standard of living and well-being of the people.
  10. DELIVERY POLICY : Most online purchases are shipped to arrive within five to seven days . However, if you are in a hurry, you can have things sent overnight or for a second-day arrival.
  11. The role of PM & C is to support the policy agendas of the symbols of the Commonwealth, to provide support to ceremonies and official visits, to set whole of government service delivery policy, and to coordinate national security, cyber, counterterrorism, regulatory reform, cities, population, data, and women's policy.

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