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  1. Delivery points should rely on river, rail and lake transportation, they say.
  2. The words hint at hope; Cole's smooth romantic delivery points to romance.
  3. Delivery points should rely on water, rail, and lake transportation, they say.
  4. The other contract would use the California-Oregon border as a delivery point.
  5. This store also acted as a delivery point for small packages.
  6. It's difficult to find delivery points in a sentence.
  7. New delivery points dedicated to Cdiscount are being built in the Casino stores.
  8. That nets to a typical distance of about between delivery point and bat.
  9. This is usually referred to as the DPBC, or Delivery Point Bar Code.
  10. Dropping Toledo as a delivery point has ignited criticism also from grain elevator operators.
  11. There are 12 other delivery points, such as Amsterdam, where extra delivery fees apply.
  12. Weather conditions at Southwest delivery points remain mild, he said.
  13. Latos has one of the highest delivery points in baseball.
  14. The delivery point was from the airstrip on Pebble Island.
  15. Supposedly haunted, this ramshackle building was a delivery point for liquor smugglers during Prohibition.
  16. The revamped proposal still omits Toledo as a delivery point.
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