delivery place in a sentence

"delivery place" in Chinese  
  1. Information channels bring you news, weather, sports, financial, etc . Get this, a Pizza button points you to a pizza delivery place.
  2. :When I was in High School, some 18 years ago or so, I worked at a local mom-and-pop pizza delivery place and easily cleared $ 100-$ 200 a week.
  3. William Ruhlmann of AllMusic described Vearncombe as a " smoky-voiced singer / songwriter, whose sophisticated jazz-pop songs and dramatic vocal delivery place him somewhere between Bryan Ferry and Morrissey ".
  4. According to records, " The new child stood up right after his birth and walked around the delivery place . " The midwife that helped with his delivery held him down forcefully to stop him from walking.
  5. It's difficult to find delivery place in a sentence.

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