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  1. The music was arranged by Prosper Pascal and L閛 Delibes.
  2. Claude Delibes said Thursday, calling the experience " very emotional ."
  3. The book inspired the 1883 opera " Lakm?" by L閛 Delibes.
  4. In 1956 his son Juan Delibes was born.
  5. Delibes'" Lakme,"
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  7. In the following year the " Meeting with Miguel Delibes " was held in Madrid.
  8. In the year of 1884, he studied composition with L閛 Delibes and Gabriel Faur?
  9. L閛 Delibes's " Lakm?" appeared during that season as well.
  10. Jennifer Brody and Heather Mullin began and ended with duets : ebullient Purcell, languorous Delibes.
  11. Delibes'" Lakme " and Handel's " Tamerlano ."
  12. Other well-known signatories included Spanish writer Miguel Delibes and the actress and singer Ana Belen.
  13. After her father fled the country, Goering sent trucks to confiscate his art, Delibes said.
  14. From that moment the doors to journalism opened for the only 21-year-old Delibes.
  15. Ermanno Florio conducted the score, a stew of music by Drigo, Delibes and three other composers.
  16. They even asked the composer L閛 Delibes to seek out a suitable Swanhilda on his trip to Italy.
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