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  1. He needs to make far-reaching decisions, deliberatively.
  2. We will proceed deliberatively, cautiously and not jump to any conclusions,
  3. We will proceed deliberatively, cautiously, and not jump to any conclusions.
  4. His habit is to make small but deliberatively provocative edits and then claim innocence.
  5. He has come to the conclusion, deliberatively and sincerely, that Badme belongs to Ethiopia.
  6. It's difficult to find deliberatively in a sentence.
  7. Some analysts suggested Bush's preoccupation with Iraq was enabling North Korea to be deliberatively provocative.
  8. :: : RFC / U could discuss patterns of behavior, deliberatively, and can develop a consensus.
  9. Instead of building a massive bureaucracy, Barr said, Ridge is moving " deliberatively " to plug holes in the nation's homeland security.
  10. "I understand the problem of drawing a line between rough-stuff teasing and sexual harassment, " said Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, " but I don't understand that schools can be allowed to be negligent or deliberatively indifferent " to sexual discrimination or harassment.
  11. "Tom is a very careful and deliberative man, " said David Girard-diCarlo, who was chairman of Ridge's campaigns for governor, " and there are times in his past where care and deliberation made those who are impatient feel he is moving too deliberatively and too slow ."
  12. Although it is refreshing to see the complaint go in the direction of an admin being too " lenient " . 99 % of the time, the rediculous complaints here are about admins abusing their power, not using it cautiously and deliberatively ! ! !-- contribs 14 : 16, 16 October 2008 ( UTC)

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