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  1. A group that uses the book is called a deliberative assembly.
  2. The deliberative assembly of the States of Guernsey ( ) is called the States of Deliberation ( ).
  3. A member of a deliberative assembly has the right to attend meetings, make motions, speak in debate, and vote.
  4. With the new threshold, approximately 10, 000 additional women were expected become municipal authorities, at least in deliberative assemblies.
  5. Key characteristics of the " gana " seem to include a monarch, usually known by the name raja, and a deliberative assembly.
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  7. Deliberative assemblies of the laity of the Church of England, one for the province of Canterbury, and the other for the province of York.
  8. A "'majority of the fixed membership "'is based on the total number of the established fixed membership of the deliberative assembly.
  9. The types of deliberative assemblies are a mass meeting, a local assembly of an organized society ( local club or local branch ), a electronic meetings.
  10. In business meetings of a deliberative assembly, the items on the agenda are also known as the "'orders of the day " '.
  11. Parliamentary procedure requires that any action of a deliberative assembly that may alter the rights of a minority has a supermajority requirement, such as a two-thirds vote.
  12. Although the Congress formally elects the Central Committee and Politburo, in practice these positions are negotiated before the congress, and the Congress has never functioned as a deliberative assembly.
  13. "' Abstentionism "'is standing for election to a deliberative assembly while refusing to take up any seats won or otherwise participate in the assembly's business.
  14. :: We can speculate about potential pitfalls till the cows come home, but we know from centuries of experience with deliberative assemblies that caucusing is a natural and beneficial occurrence.
  15. The Scottish referendum of 1979 was a post-legislative referendum to decide whether there was sufficient support for the Scotland Act 1978 that was to create a deliberative assembly for Scotland.
  16. Sindh Bar Council "'is a statutory & deliberative assembly of lawyers in Sindh for safeguarding the rights, interests and privileges of practicing lawyers, within Sindh province of Pakistan.
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