deletion record in a sentence

"deletion record" meaning  "deletion record" in Chinese  
  1. I feel this person is not taking enough time to consider the articles properly or make / suggest improvement by their deletion records.
  2. Sources will be updated as per comment requests, I also move that Duffbeerforme be reviewed and questioned as to his multiple deletion records on numerous articles.
  3. I request for'the interest of fairness'that your deletion record be examined, as I believe that your primary interest is in deleting articles, not editing them.
  4. I noticed my notice of an SPI to other editors involved in a lengthy and heated deletion discussion ( names I got from the deletion record ) were deleted by User : Chillum.
  5. We can't tell specifically, because you have given no indication that lets us find out what article you were talking about : if we knew the title, we could look at the deletion record, and see who deleted it and what grounds they gave.
  6. It's difficult to find deletion record in a sentence.
  7. As far as I can see, the only edit you made to Imran Khan was to change the photo to one which didn't actually exist ( it was deleted from Wikipedia in 2011, and the deletion record points to a photo on Commons : Commons : File : Imraan Khan, which is of a " different"
  8. There are deletion records at Bodhtree, 3 more at BODHTREE, a couple at Bodhtree Consulting Ltd, another at Bodhtree Consulting, a failed AFC at Wikipedia _ talk : Articles for creation / Bodhtree, and an AFD at Wikipedia : Articles for deletion / Bodhtree Consulting Ltd, also a failed undelete request at Wikipedia : Requests for undeletion / Archive 12 # Bodhtree Consulting ).

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