deletion form in a sentence

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  1. Mirv needed the automatic ability to open the deletion form to handle VFD discussions.
  2. In contrast, beta-thalassemia alleles can be created by many different mutations including both deletion and non-deletion forms.
  3. Fixed her up from the near-deletion form it was in, lemme know what you think ! contribs 03 : 05, 19 March 2011 ( UTC)
  4. I propose to "'add a " ( delete ) " link "'to the template that would load the deletion form with the wikilinked title of the AfD page preloaded as the reason for deletion.
  5. I respectfully ask that the Marcus D Wikipedia page be kept online, and that the deletion form be closed, unless there are still issues with the page that are notable enough to keep it from being considered worthy.
  6. It's difficult to find deletion form in a sentence.

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