deleting in a sentence

"deleting" in Chinese  
  1. Not a comma was deleted, not a whereas was moved.
  2. Items saved on the hard drive remain until you delete them.
  3. Failed to make sure deleted information did not reappear on reports.
  4. It also simplifies chores such as copying, moving and deleting.
  5. Three passages have been deleted at the request of the FBI.
  6. It's difficult to find deleting in a sentence.
  7. The deleted money would be earmarked for that, he said.
  8. The commercials are not zapped or deleted but simply covered up.
  9. He has asked the parliament to delete that section, too.
  10. So any addition to the route might require deleting other communities.
  11. After that, I just deleted them out of my mind.
  12. I asked her how she had been deleting copy before this.
  13. Have a nice day, you useless ( expletive deleted ).
  14. Then my glove slipped a key and I pressed the delete.
  15. The number had been deleted, just like the old closer.
  16. It rewrote the manual, deleting or editing its harshest passages.
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