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  1. Beyond that, alcohol is morally, emotionally and physically deleterious.
  2. The standoffishness on both sides seems so preposterous, so deleterious.
  3. I have to decide if it can have a deleterious effect.
  4. His change of fortune appears not to have had deleterious effects.
  5. "It was a deliberately deleterious action by the secretary.
  6. It's difficult to find deleterious in a sentence.
  7. Carbonates are deleterious as they readily stick to the boiler apparatus.
  8. Most mutations are deleterious, and occur at a high rate.
  9. Second, current systems classify SNPs into deleterious or neutral group.
  10. Deleterious effects of this fungus on crop plants are also known.
  11. But the fish oils also had some deleterious effects, Stone said.
  12. Political turmoil often has deleterious effects on a nation's currency.
  13. Inactivity has a major, deleterious influence on the weight of Americans.
  14. But its effects on banks'profits are more deleterious.
  15. In fact, he suspects it could be spiritually deleterious.
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