deleterious mutation in a sentence

  1. Natural selection will select for the reduced number of deleterious mutations.
  2. Deleterious mutation load is the main contributing factor to genetic load overall.
  3. To flush out these deleterious mutations we need sex,
  4. Eliminating slightly deleterious mutations through inbreeding under moderate selection is not as effective.
  5. These reasons include fighting the dealing with competition, or masking deleterious mutations.
  6. It's difficult to find deleterious mutation in a sentence.
  7. But a deleterious mutation can also be spread throughout a population through genetic drift.
  8. In essence, sex compartmentalises the deleterious mutations.
  9. Here the techniques to reduce inbreeding also help decrease the accumulation of deleterious mutations.
  10. Fewer late-acting deleterious mutations equates to slower aging and therefore a longer lifespan.
  11. Tomoko Ohta emphasized the importance of nearly neutral mutations, in particularly slightly deleterious mutations.
  12. Genetic load may increase when deleterious mutations, migration, substitutional load or cost of selection.
  13. Muller s ratchet is the gradual, but irreversible accumulation of deleterious mutations in asexual organisms.
  14. It eliminates unimportant and deleterious mutations while maintaining and combining beneficial mutations that would enhance protein function.
  15. This concept of higher accumulation of deleterious mutations for older organisms came to be known as the selection shadow.
  16. Six recurrent mutations accounted for 47 % ( 16 of 34 ) of the deleterious mutations in this cohort.
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