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  1. At its most extreme, "'reciprocal sign epistasis "'occurs when two deleterious genes are beneficial when together.
  2. Then, this month, scientists found a second example of a deleterious gene that, like the sickle cell gene, can protect against disease.
  3. A lethal equivalent is the number of deleterious genes per haploid genome whose cumulative effect is the equivalent of one lethal gene.
  4. Philc also correctly notes that modern medicine has indeed lessened the impact of evolution on removing many deleterious genes, though those affected may have fewer children.
  5. Nonetheless, some parents say, it is not easy to decide to have children tested, even in situations where it is important to know whether a child has a deleterious gene.
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  7. I'm sure there are scientists ( of evolution and otherwise ) who would support the elimination of clearly deleterious genes through either genetic engineering, selective abortion, selective fertilization, or voluntary non-reproduction.
  8. Ronald Fisher also suggested that sex might facilitate the spread of advantageous genes by allowing them to better escape their genetic surroundings, if they should arise on a chromosome with deleterious genes.
  9. Such bad genetic fortune, scientists say, may reflect the passage of the group through historical " bottlenecks " that reduced their numbers and enabled deleterious genes to be perpetuated among the Ashkenazi, who tended to intermarry.
  10. Lambowitz, who is a scientific adviser to the company, said practical applications included disrupting deleterious genes in the microbes used to make wine and cheese and making new vaccines by knocking out the pathogenic genes in harmful bacteria.
  11. However, the evidence suggests that the DMH's assumptions are shaky, because many species have on average less than one harmful mutation per individual and no species that has been investigated shows evidence of synergy between harmful mutations . ( Further criticisms of this hypothesis are discussed in the article Evolution of sexual reproduction # Removal of deleterious genes)
  12. To date, most corridors are found to be infrequently used, and thus genetic isolation is currently occurring, which can result in inbreeding and therefore an increased frequency of deleterious genes through genetic drift . Current data suggest female grizzly bears are disproportionately less likely than males to use these corridors, which can prevent mate access and decrease the number of offspring.

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