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  1. When an environment changes, previously neutral or deleterious alleles can become favourable.
  2. Inbreeding depression is predominantly caused by the homozygous expression of recessive deleterious alleles.
  3. This allows natural selection to purge the deleterious alleles.
  4. Inbreeding is avoided because it ordinarily leads to the expression of recessive deleterious alleles.
  5. Deleterious alleles can be scrubbed by natural selection from inbred populations through genetic purging.
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  7. Purging occurs because many deleterious alleles only express all their harmful effect in homozygosis.
  8. Inbreeding depression is considered to be largely due to the expression of recessive deleterious alleles.
  9. Beneficial alleles tend to increase in frequency, while deleterious alleles tend to decrease in frequency.
  10. Inbreeding depression is a phenomenon whereby deleterious alleles become fixed more easily within an inbreeding population.
  11. Deleterious alleles arise through mutation, however certain recessive ones can become more prevalent due to inbreeding.
  12. Thus, there is a higher probability of beneficial alleles being lost and deleterious alleles being fixed.
  13. These distinct seeds increase genetic diversity of the plant population and reduce inbreeding depression and deleterious alleles.
  14. The term " purge " is sometimes used for selection against deleterious alleles in a general way.
  15. However, the component of fitness decline expected from inbreeding and purging on deleterious alleles could be predicted using.
  16. Deleterious alleles segregating in populations of diploid organisms have a remarkable trend to be, at least, partially recessive.
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