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  1. Later, she followed him to the Charles Delestraint's group.
  2. In 1945, Delestraint was killed by the Gestapo.
  3. But Hardy, who ignored the rendezvous with Delestraint, took the same train to Paris to meet Jean-Guy Bernard.
  4. On the other hand, Aubry forgot to prevent Delestraint and Hardy when he found out that the mailbox was compromised since the liaisons Combat broadcast information from the arrest of Mary Reynoard.
  5. Charles Delestraint, leader of the Arm閑 Secr鑤e, was detained at Natzweiler-Struthof, then was executed by the Gestapo in Dachau days before that camp was liberated and the war ended.
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  7. Meanwhile, Multon and Moog, who continued their journey to Paris, June 9 participate in the arrest of General Delestraint who also trained cells from Joseph Gastaldo and Jean-Louis Theobald.
  8. On 1 June, the 4e DCr was relieved by the 51st ( Highland ) Infantry Division and regrouped at Marseille-en-Beauvaisis to attach itself to the armoured group under General Charles Delestraint.
  9. He joined a combat section in 1941 and led the resistance in the Auvergne; on 20 July 1943 he was chosen to succeed general Charles Delestraint to lead the secret army in the southern zone.
  10. "' Charles Delestraint "'( 12 March 1879-19 April 1945 ) was a French Army lieutenant general and member of the French Resistance during World War II . He also befriended Charles de Gaulle.
  11. The lieutenant participated in the MLN in the South zone : Deputy of Chevance, military leader of the region R2 ( Marseille ), alongside Jacques Baumel, then inspector of the Secret Army, and finally chief of staff of Charles Delestraint.
  12. On the evening of June 7, Multon and Moog took the train to Lyon Perrache to return to Paris where a trap was organized by Eugen Kramer, head of the Abwehr, at l'h魌el Lutetia, to seize the General Delestraint.
  13. For this reason, the leadership of the Arm閑 Secr鑤e was not conferred upon Frenay as he had initially wanted ( his movement being more significant than the other two members of the " MUR " ) but rather upon the division general Charles Delestraint, who was recruited by thee chef de Combat.
  14. While the objective for Combat was to develop, oversee and organise these armed groups, there were some divisions relating to this at the heart of the " MUR "; some, like Charles Delestraint, saw the Maquis as actual pockets of resistance within French territory, whereas others like Frenay saw them as armed bands operating by ambush and disappearing once their mission was accomplished.

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