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  1. Awaaz Foundation participated in the making of a documentary film on international coastal sand mining, Sand Wars, directed by Denis Delestrac.
  2. Caldicott is featured along with foreign affairs experts, space security activists and military officials in interviews in Denis Delestrac's 2010 feature documentary " Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space ".
  3. After a screening of the film in Mumbai in January 2014, she conducted an awareness campaign along with Denis Delestrac at Juhu Beach'Don't Bury the Issue of Sand Mining .'The campaign won the Spikes Asia Silver Award for " public relations and lobbying ".
  4. The film premiered at the legendary Cin閙a Publicis on the Champs-Elys閑s in 2013 and was first broadcast in May in France and Germany ( ARTE ), where it became the highest rated documentary for 2013 with a 4.8 market share .  Sand Wars / has been selected in over 40 festivals and won 13 awards including a Gold Panda, the Greenpeace Prize and a Gemini Award, placing Delestrac as one of Europe s most bankable non-fiction directors.
  5. Pilkey has published more than 250 technical publications and 45 books, as well as appearing in several documentary films, including " The Beaches Are Moving " ( 1992, University of North Carolina Center for Public Television ); " Living on the Edge " ( 1996, a 1-hour production by Environmental Media, Inc . ); " Dynamic Shorelines " ( 2009, Part of Physical Geology online ( distance learning course ), produced by Dallas TeleLearning, Dallas County Community College District ( Texas ); " Shored Up : When Human Nature and the Force of Nature Collide " ( 2013; a Ben Kalina film ); and " Sand Wars " ( 2013, a documentary film based on the mining of sand from beaches; produced by Guillaume Rappeneau and directed by Denis Delestrac ).
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