delesseps story morrison in a sentence

  1. With a pledge to fight for continued Mayor deLesseps Story Morrison.
  2. He defeated then deLesseps Story Morrison, Sr ., of New Orleans.
  3. Maestri was unseated, however, by the reformers'choice, deLesseps Story Morrison.
  4. The latter won over deLesseps Story Morrison, Sr ., a long-time Perez target.
  5. He allied himself with Boggs'former law partner, deLesseps Story Morrison, the mayor of New Orleans.
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  7. Aycock and then Mayor W . George Bowdon, Jr ., of Mayor deLesseps Story Morrison of New Orleans.
  8. Mayor deLesseps Story Morrison of New Orleans formally endorsed Lafargue in the primary against Long, but the move was a smokescreen.
  9. Kennedy also ran considerably ahead of deLesseps Story Morrison, Davis's opponent in the gubernatorial runoff election among key Democratic constituency groups.
  10. In 1942, State Representative DeLesseps Story Morrison, later the mayor of New Orleans, introduced Jones's proposal for a volunteer state guard.
  11. McKeithen won the Democratic nomination in a runoff election over DeLesseps Story Morrison, the former mayor of New Orleans, and then defeated the Shreveport.
  12. Noe finished fourth in the primary and stood with DeLesseps Story Morrison, then the mayor of New Orleans in the pivotal runoff election against former Governor Jimmie Davis.
  13. In 1959, Tugwell ran for reelection on all the intrapary tickets : DeLesseps Story Morrison, Jimmie Davis, William M . Rainach, James A . Noe, and Bill Dodd.
  14. Morrison was a delegate to the Democratic National Conventions of deLesseps Story Morrison Sr . of New Orleans though the two often agreed politically and both ran unsuccessfully for governor on three occasions.
  15. Bethard trailed in second place, and he and Morgan met in a Democratic gubernatorial showdown between Louisiana Public Service Commissioner John McKeithen and deLesseps Story Morrison, the former mayor of New Orleans.
  16. McCrory was eliminated from the runoff election as Pearce defeated George W . Shannon, who ran on the intraparty ticket headed by gubernatorial candidate deLesseps Story Morrison, the then mayor of New Orleans.
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