delesseps morrison in a sentence

  1. In 1995, the senior deLesseps Morrison was inducted Winnfield, the home base of the Longs.
  2. Pressure from the United States continued via U . S . ambassador to the OAS DeLesseps Morrison.
  3. In the late 1950s, Landrieu became involved in the youth wing of Mayor deLesseps Morrison's Crescent City Democratic Organization.
  4. Incumbent mayor deLesseps Morrison was backed by labor unions, the major newspapers, and black New Orleanians, but he also publicly maintained his support for segregation on the campaign trail.
  5. In New Orleans politics, incumbency is a large advantage; an incumbent mayor has not been defeated in an election since deLesseps Morrison beat sitting mayor Robert Maestri in the election of 1946.
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  7. He was therefore eliminated from a runoff between Public Service Commissioner John ` " H " McKeithen of Columbia in Caldwell Parish and the more liberal contender, former New Orleans Mayor deLesseps Morrison, Sr . Some observers theorized that the assassination of U . S . President John F . Kennedy, which occurred two weeks before the primary election, may have weakened Kennon's prospects because Kennon had in a televised address criticized policies of both President Kennedy and 1964 presidential election though as it quickly developed the Kennedy assassination changed the national political picture.

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