delegator in a sentence

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  1. He was just a heck of a good communicator and delegator.
  2. He is a delegator, with deep faith in corporate management techniques.
  3. He's more of a delegator ."
  4. Kerry is more of a motivator and delegator.
  5. Bush allies say all this underscores the governor's skill as a delegator.
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  7. Senior advisers say Bush is an accomplished delegator.
  8. Like Reagan, he is a delegator.
  9. I became a strong time manager, a better delegator and I cut out lunches.
  10. Like former President Reagan, Bush is a delegator who leans heavily on trusted advisers.
  11. Delegator, Ashram and Rip Van Winkle also finished within two lengths of the winner.
  12. I don't think my management style was heavy-handed enough, because I'm a delegator.
  13. Now the nation will see if Bush the Delegator can show enough substance to compare well to Senate veteran McCain.
  14. I took too much on, I wasn t a very good delegator and tried to be everything to everybody.
  15. "I've never been a great delegator, in terms of the writing part of the show,"
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