delegation of powers in a sentence

  1. There would be no delegation of powers without authorization.
  2. The Antiquities Act is one of those delegations of power granted to the president by Congress.
  3. The concept of delegation of power has yet to be fully developed in the PRC legal system.
  4. In June 1940, he abstained from voting over the delegation of powers to Marshal Philippe P閠ain.
  5. The Prime Minister must approve, in writing, any delegation of powers to the Commissioner of Police.
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  7. As another sign of delegation of power, Sithu II also appointed a chief justice and a chief minister.
  8. As a result, the delegation of power also carries with it onto this third party the attendant criminal responsibility.
  9. The administration is expected to argue that the line-item veto represents a permissible delegation of power to the president.
  10. Through this act of delegation of power to a relative, the power of the Qasimid family was confirmed in the north.
  11. The Court took the view that the 1911 Act was a'remodelling'of the constitution rather than a delegation of power.
  12. Delegation of power is a consensual act between a delegating decision-maker and a delegatee subordinate; writing is useful only as proof.
  13. Since then the Supreme Court has shown no appetite for reviving it, and has consistently upheld delegations of power from Congress to agencies like the EPA.
  14. The changes at Rochester, New Hampshire-based Cabletron signify more delegation of power by its two strong-willed founders, Benson and President Bob Levine.
  15. The mechanism of delegation of powers is not a means for the decision-maker to escape his criminal responsibility, but a mechanism to assure the effectiveness of legal limitations.
  16. Further, the court said Terri's Law violated the delegation of power standard that the courts themselves created to tamp down the Legislature from giving the governor too much discretion.
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