defensive rebounding in a sentence

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  1. He would like to make an impact with his defensive rebounding Tuesday night.
  2. And the thing is, they are a great defensive rebounding team.
  3. Just as critical to the Nets'turnaround has been their defensive rebounding.
  4. But what plagued the Clippers in their recent losses has been defensive rebounding.
  5. We're 26th in the league in defensive rebounding; we're only better than Minnesota,"
  6. It's difficult to find defensive rebounding in a sentence.
  7. And, led by forward Tremaine Wingfield, Texas dominated the defensive rebounding.
  8. But defensive rebounding is a pretty accurate stat . " nn
  9. Last year, the Bulls were 12th overall, 18th in defensive rebounding.
  10. We got our lead with defensive rebounding and fast breaks.
  11. Summitt said defensive rebounding is the key for her team.
  12. They were responding to the aggressive defensive rebounding and occasional shot-blocking of Travis Knight.
  13. We lost our signature, defensive rebounding, and we have to get back to that.
  14. "Maybe I can try to concentrate on my defensive rebounding and playing good defense,"
  15. His steals, blocks ( 1.14 ) and defensive rebounding ( 5.9 ) have improved.
  16. Boston is in the top five in offensive rebounding and dead last in defensive rebounding.
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