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  1. Bryant contributed a team-high 25 points and co llected 11 defensive rebounds.
  2. He ignited Philadelphia's fastbreak with 10 defensive rebounds and crisp outlet passes.
  3. Free throws, defensive rebounds, blocked shots and steals are one point each.
  4. Each time the Bruins failed to grab a defensive rebound, Stanford scored.
  5. How often do you see a point guard get 13 defensive rebounds?
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  7. Mutombo averaged 10 points and was third in defensive rebounds with 708.
  8. She also led the Big 12 with 6.2 defensive rebounds a game.
  9. Rodman provided a free throw after getting fouled on a defensive rebound.
  10. A defensive rebound landed right in Ewing's hands, but he lost it.
  11. He leads the team in the ultimate stopper, with 125 defensive rebounds.
  12. We rebounded better and our defensive rebounds turned into some fast breaks.
  13. Or Eugene Edgerson triggering a fast break with another defensive rebound.
  14. Duncan had 12 defensive rebounds and O'Neal just one offensive rebound.
  15. He has asked her to swoop in for more defensive rebounds.
  16. And it might help to grab some defensive rebounds every now and then.
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