defensive quality in a sentence

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  1. Following the hilly track, walkers can appreciate the site's natural defensive qualities.
  2. We dominated the first half and showed our defensive qualities in the second.
  3. There's a bitter, defensive quality to Cobb, even during his youth.
  4. He has McKey and Jalen Rose, with the defensive qualities Bird never had.
  5. Gorman said, noting that Semtex had no " defensive quality ."
  6. It's difficult to find defensive quality in a sentence.
  7. Despite this, the defensive qualities of Castle Rising have since been extensively debated.
  8. Rust spent 2002 as the defensive quality control coach of the New York Giants.
  9. Defensive quality control will do similar analysis of the offense.
  10. Vivendi Universal will continue to deliver growth and will benefit from strong defensive qualities,
  11. ARIZONA CARDINALS _ Named Stan Kwan defensive quality control coach and special teams assistant.
  12. TENNESSEE TITANS _ Named Chuck Cecil defensive quality control coach.
  13. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS _ Named Paul Haynes defensive quality control coach.
  14. In 2009, he joined the New York Giants as the defensive quality control coach.
  15. Dave Brazil will be retained as defensive quality-control coach.
  16. Defensive quality control coach Lou Spanos left to become the linebackers coach for the Washington Redskins.
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