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  1. Secure programming is the subset of defensive programming concerned with computer security.
  2. Other notable applications include defensive programming strategies such as EMC-aware programming.
  3. Immunity-aware programming is an example of defensive programming and EMC-aware programming.
  4. Overly defensive programming however introduces unnecessary code for errors impossible to even happen, thus wasting runtime and maintenance costs.
  5. Offensive programming can be considered a category of defensive programming, with the added emphasis that certain errors should " not " be handled defensively.
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  7. This distinguishes it markedly from a related practice known as defensive programming, where the supplier is responsible for figuring out what to do when a precondition is broken.
  8. Returning to England, he commenced work on the defences at Portsmouth Dockyard, before accompanying General Sir John Burgoyne's army to Canada in 1776, where he was responsible for a number of defensive programmes.
  9. I encountered this because I am designing a computer based training class on COBOL secure defensive programming and the issue is " Input Validation " and proper input validation requires that the input data be normalized prior to validation; e . g ., translating various character encodings into a single character set.
  10. As with all kinds of defensive programming, avoiding bugs is a primary objective, however the motivation is not as much to reduce the likelihood of failure in normal operation ( as if safety was the concern ), but to reduce the attack surface  the programmer must assume that the software might be misused actively to reveal bugs, and that bugs could be exploited maliciously.

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