defensive pressure in a sentence

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  1. Most of the Sonics actually faced less defensive pressure than did Jordan.
  2. With Stoops as defensive coordinator, Oklahoma was known for its defensive pressure.
  3. The defensive pressure stopped by halftime and the Connecticut bench was cleared.
  4. The Saints played the 49ers tough last week, getting good defensive pressure.
  5. We settled for outside shots when they turned up the defensive pressure,
  6. It's difficult to find defensive pressure in a sentence.
  7. Fresno State turned up the defensive pressure to get back at Hawaii.
  8. They obviously showed their greatness at the end with their defensive pressure,
  9. Stanford avoided slipping in the rankings this season by increasing its defensive pressure.
  10. Undoubtedly one of the rough spots was not handling defensive pressure.
  11. But they were also frustrated by the defensive pressure by Chicago.
  12. We had to make some big plays against their defensive pressure.
  13. Minor defensive pressure caused him to loose his balance, falling on his back.
  14. I felt our defensive pressure and our rebounding today was key for us,
  15. The Sonics did tighten their defensive pressure in the second half.
  16. His teams are known for their fast pace and defensive pressure.
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