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  1. Lasorda said he is satisfied with the amount of defensive practice Ashley is taking before games.
  2. Despite the defensive practice of circling the nests, red-bellied piranhas are often passive towards other fish that approach the nest.
  3. The final avenue of study was to analyze high-altitude nuclear tests in order to refine the detection of high-altitude nuclear tests and investigate defensive practices for combatting ballistic missiles.
  4. Defensive practice on the Somme had already been changing towards defence in depth, to nullify Anglo-French firepower and the official adoption of the practice marked the beginning of modern defensive tactics.
  5. "When I was labeled a bad outfielder in the past, I took that as a slap in the face, " said Ashley, who every afternoon takes extra defensive practice.
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  7. A well-known image of an Assyrian battering ram depicts how sophisticated attacking and defensive practices had become by the 9th century BC . The defenders of a town wall are trying to set the ram alight with torches and have also put a chain under it.
  8. In his third debate with Sen . John Kerry, for example, Bush asserted that malpractice lawsuits and " the defensive practice of medicine " by wary doctors and hospitals cost the government $ 28 billion a year and " our society between $ 60 billion and $ 100 billion a year ."

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