defensive positioning in a sentence

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  1. A lot of our individual work has been just on defensive positioning,
  2. He varied his defensive positioning between second base, third base, and shortstop.
  3. They compensated for a lack of height by deft defensive positioning.
  4. Perhaps they were thinking too much about their own defensive positioning.
  5. "This period he's been playing in France has helped him perfect his defensive positioning,"
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  7. Apparently, repeating the same complaints about his team's poor defensive positioning has gotten to him.
  8. Evans was a hard tackling flanker, but his skill was seen in his intelligent defensive positioning.
  9. Instead of emphasizing offense, Kings coach Larry Robinson went over defensive positioning during practice Friday afternoon.
  10. Belfour, however, allowed the U-turn to happen, and the Stars'commitment to defensive positioning followed his lead.
  11. We will correct some defensive positioning during practice,
  12. His main abilities are his good balance and defensive positioning, along with his consistency during the game.
  13. Known for his tough tackling and defensive positioning, he played professionally for Hertha BSC and European Championship.
  14. A lot comes from defensive positioning.
  15. Zenga worked on defensive positioning during training before the team boarded a bus for New Jersey Tuesday afternoon.
  16. For Laporte, the business of rugby is mastering the fundamentals : set-piece plays, tackling, ball handling and defensive positioning.
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