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  1. Commonly, defensive attributions are made when someone witnesses or learns of mishaps involving other people.
  2. An example of defensive attribution is the just-world hypothesis, which is where " good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people ".
  3. The use of defensive attributions is considered a cognitive bias because an individual will change their beliefs about a situation based upon their motivations or desires rather than the factual characteristics of the situation.
  4. Another example of defensive attribution is optimism bias, in which people believe positive events happen to them more often than to others and that negative events happen to them less often than to others.
  5. In 1981 Jerry Burger published a meta-analysis of 22 peer-reviewed studies on the defensive attribution hypothesis, in which he found strong evidence to support Shaver s hypothesized negative relationship between similarity and responsibility.
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  7. A defensive attribution may also be used to protect the person's self-esteem if, despite everything, the mishap does occur, because blame can be assigned to the " other " ( person or situation ).

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