defensive attitudes in a sentence

"defensive attitudes" in Chinese  
  1. Similar defensive attitude as Infopage100 with " Welcome to my userpage.
  2. We decided we needed a change in defensive attitude.
  3. "That's his job, to set the defensive attitude.
  4. Eric, meanwhile, continues to show a defensive attitude and anger toward Michelle.
  5. Please ignore any defensive attitude I might display.
  6. It's difficult to find defensive attitudes in a sentence.
  7. I was in the minority in the House, which always gives someone a defensive attitude.
  8. "There was a somewhat defensive attitude toward an outsider, " he said.
  9. In Kean Siew this had harmful effects : stammering, a defensive attitude, and argumentativeness.
  10. Annan's praise of Saddam and defensive attitude toward him may come from some concept of peacemaking.
  11. The result is a state of being overly fearful of surrounding peoples, and an intractably defensive attitude.
  12. This issue however would probably not have gone to ANI except for Poeticbent's defensive attitude toward other editors.
  13. With hard-nosed coach Dave Cowens, Divac traded his finesse style and rainbow 3-pointers for a defensive attitude.
  14. However, Doug Christie is a very good defensive player and he's brought a defensive attitude to this team ."
  15. "Our over defensive attitude stems from the fear of failure at the back of the mind, " he said.
  16. The root of some of these disputes appears to be an overly defensive attitude when other editors suggest changes or offer constructive criticism.
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