defensive attack in a sentence

"defensive attack" in Chinese  
  1. The threat call used in defensive attack is a low harsh zaar.
  2. The Jets will likely make him the focal point of their defensive attack.
  3. Surgeonfish sometimes use schooling as a countermeasure to defensive attacks by solitary damselfish.
  4. This is what the Giants'defense must watch _ balance in the Detroit defensive attack.
  5. The standard mode is excellent for offensive and defensive attacks.
  6. It's difficult to find defensive attack in a sentence.
  7. Pitino said, ` is that every coach devises his defensive attack to stop him.
  8. Sun Devils coach Dirk Koetter has simplified the defensive attack, and it has worked wonders.
  9. The Steelers are focusing their defensive attack on stopping Smith, Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher said.
  10. Therefore, " P . semenowi " must be morphologically adapted to overcome such defensive attacks.
  11. Advancing forces faced another ferocious defensive attack between the Nallur Kandaswamy temple and the Nallur Weerakaliyamman temple.
  12. The Water race of beings from the Manifested world can create and use water in offensive and defensive attacks.
  13. Evans has been a key to an improving secondary that will be the focal point of the defensive attack.
  14. As forward and defensive attack dog Rick Fox explains, the court seems to get smaller when O'Neal is on it.
  15. The Air race of beings from the Manifested world can use and manipulate the heavens in offensive and defensive attacks.
  16. There is some anxiety to get Jones back in the lineup, because he is the linchpin in an aggressive Jets defensive attack.
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